Real Estate Review Services


Zillow is a major player in the real estate aggregator/research scene. They currently attract 53 million unique visitors, are experiencing 60% YOY growth, and visitors have a median income of $76,101 and are 46.

These typically are qualified buyers, with an average FICO score of 722, and their click conversion is even 3.4x higher than Google’s. This means that Zillow visitors are highly qualified and motivated, so creating adequate visibility on this channel should be very beneficial. (Source: Zillow)

Zillow offers a number of advertising solutions that allows agents to show up in the agent list, have featured listings, and personal branding options as well. Additionally, there are open APIs which would allow you to import Zillow data (Zestimates) into existing site listings.


Like Zillow, Trulia provides access to a source of qualified, in-market buyers, so this is another platform that you cannot afford to ignore. Over 31 million consumers visit each month searching for real estate information. In particular, 71% plan to make a real estate within 12 months, 70% of those don’t currently have an agent, and 42% are prequalified for a mortgage. (Source: Trulia)

Trulia provides a number of solutions that will help increase online visibility and traffic, including Trulia local ads and featured listings through Trulia pro. is another 3rd party site that can help drive traffic and sales. offers a number of free solutions as well as paid products. Unlike Trulia and Zillow, many of these products are related to helping realtors manage their marketing and operations. They also provide advertising solutions.