Pucker Up. It’s time to learn about KISSing

In this brief missive, the challenges and benefits of simplifying language in Internet composition will be explored.

STOP. If that made your face contort in confusion and your stomach churn, it should have. It’s a ridiculous sentence. It uses the passive voice and a lot of extra words to express one straightforward idea. Any number of my former editors would have slashed that sentence and scrawled across the top, “KISS,” which stands for Keep It Simple Stupid.

A little harsh, but I’ve been KISSed enough to know when to pucker up. Writing for the Internet is definitely one of those times. So, rule number one to KISSing:

A corollary to this:

Which means…

These rules apply to every sentence. Every paragraph. Focus.


The demand for focused writing is due to the way we read the Internet. Most of us are searching for specific information, not looking for the next novel to dive into.

KISS is more of a mantra than a technique, but it will help you deliver the kind of content that Internet readers appreciate—content that comes in very digestible chunks.