When writing for the web, your writing must be clear, direct and simple. Here’s why.

People don’t read the web. They scan it. In 2008, Harald Weinreich of the University of Hamburg analyzed the habits of 25 web users and their almost 60,000 page views. Jakob Nielsen studied the data set for himself, and found that:

Glowing screens make for slower reading. The light from the computer screen is tiring for your eyes. You read about 25% slower on the web than on the page.

Make your article scanner-friendly. Since readers are going to spend about 25 seconds reading a 500-word post, make sure your writing gives them what they’re looking for quickly with these simple tips:

Make your writing clear by doing a few simple things:

Sympathy for the writers out there. Being a word-lover, I find this cardinal rule of web writing to be a little depressing. I know we always want to find interesting ways to say things. We want to create images, use dynamic language, and complex sentences that engage and surprise. Never stop doing that. Just reserve your creativity for a medium that will read it. The web (in general) is not the place.