The problem with the acronym SEO is simple, it’s inhuman.

One of the most fundamental elements of human nature is empathy, the ability to feel and relate. At the very core of who we are, empathy is actually what drives us to buy what we buy, watch what we watch, and engage where we engage. SEO sounds so arbitrary and lifeless, any discussion surrounding the topic is bound to reduce human beings to little more than binary decision makers. You’re doing business online with human beings not an “Engine”.

Don’t spend one more second thinking about SEO. If you have a team meeting coming up to discuss SEO, don’t go.

First, you need to change your way of thinking.

You need to be thinking and talking about human optimization. No engines involved here. Only people. What they like, what they don’t, and what they consider good content. Google’s algorithm is constantly being updated by humans, don’t forget that. The humans working at Google have stated their guiding principles in updating the search algorithm:

“Search is a complicated and evolving art and science, so rather than focusing on specific algorithmic tweaks, we encourage you to focus on delivering the best possible experience for users.”

You need to focus all your energy and attention on making and presenting the best possible content for the humans visiting your site. If you’re in the marketing business, you must have a modicum of taste. You know how good design and quality content feels. Human optimization is simple, but it’s not easy. What’s easy is finding out what the rules are and then using whatever white hat, grey hat, or black hat SEO techniques you can ethically stomach to churn up a bunch of drive-by traffic. All you really need to do is make the best content possible for the humans visiting your site.

The humans working at Google are moving their algorithm in the direction of quality content. They’re looking for an answer to this question, is your site a place humans visit on a regular basis to engage with quality content? Now just because the acronym SEO is a lifeless phrase that distracts from the human beings, the types with names and families, who are actually visiting your site, it’s also a reality of doing business on the internet. There are some SEO tools out there that can help you optimize your site, and you should. But don’t let the tools distract you from the humans. A great list has been compiled and recently updated by

You should do everything you can to have a well designed site that loads quickly. Frankly, those are givens and there are couple articles listed below that can help you focus on the fundamentals, if you need the help. But the bottom line is, you need to be creating content on your site that is awesome! Your monthly newsletter, blog posts, and video content need to matter to your core audience and give them quality information or entertainment. You know quality when you see it, and more likely than not, you expect quality content from the sites and brands you’re most excited about. The fact that quality regular content on your site improves your SEO, SERP, and other lovely lifeless acronyms are all secondary effects. The real goals, with the most rewarding results, is making stuff humans like.

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