The Importance of ZMOT: What Every Business Should Know

You’ve just launched your new website. You spent a significant portion of your budget working with a top web developer who made your website look slick and attractive. You’re confident that this new website will increase your business ten-fold, and the price of the web developer will pay off in no time. However, as time […]

Case Study: Building a Website for J&A Properties

Our friend Justin is like a lot of small business owners. His business, a small property rental company operating in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, was doing fine on word of mouth. He had no problems renting out his properties using Craigslist and rarely had vacancies. Why would he need a website? Perhaps, more importantly, […]

Mario’s Quest #4: Mario’s Faces City Construction with Website Re-construction

People always want to know how much a website will increase their business’ revenue. Though we’d like to say 100 percent, this will depend on your business and the quality of your website, its functionality, flow and branding. But, conservatively, we can say that a website will increase your revenue, and a good website can […]

Botox for Your Website?

Think about that dated strip mall in your area. You know the one—it was built in 1980, the bushes are unwieldy, and weeds are bursting up through cracks in the sidewalk. If the greatest technology store on the planet opened up in that old mall, you probably wouldn’t even notice. “That mall,” you’d think, “is […]