Practical SEO Guide: Good Business Is the Foundation of Good SEO

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Search engine optimization (SEO) is a host of techniques, approaches and strategies to prepare your website to be found by major search engines. It is often compared to alchemy. Everyone knows what SEO experts do, but very few know how they do it. In fact, many SEO gurus fiercely […]

The Content Spectrum: Should You Curate or Create?

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As search engines give less consideration to keywords and more to social media and user context, content continues to dominate conversations about online marketing.  Even the best researched keywords can’t stand up to the effectiveness of well-crafted and useful content. With Google’s release of it’s Algorithm update in 2013, known as Hummingbird, search results will […]

How to Run Successful Google Ads?

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Google search has 67% market share, with no other single competitor coming even close. Google’s ad revenue has exceeded that of print and TV ad revenue in some countries, totalling $42 billion in 2012. As a result of this near-monopoly, the ad market is becoming more and more of an uphill battle for many digital […]

The Key to Writing Good Internet Articles

The key to writing good internet articles starts with this: people don’t read the internet. Reading studies have shown that when it comes to the internet, people are scanning, skipping, spending just seconds on a page in a focused hunt for information. Only when you’ve hooked them, will they actually read more than the first […]

Mario’s Quest #1: An Adventure in Marketing and Social Media

Introducing social media into your marketing strategy can be daunting—especially if you’re not familiar with tools like Facebook and Twitter or how to use them for your business. In fact, you may be a little bit like our friend, Mario. You probably already know Mario. He’s the owner of the family pizza shop down the […]

The Inhuman SEO: Overcoming the Limitations of Technology

The problem with the acronym SEO is simple, it’s inhuman. One of the most fundamental elements of human nature is empathy, the ability to feel and relate. At the very core of who we are, empathy is actually what drives us to buy what we buy, watch what we watch, and engage where we engage. […]

SEO What? What Search Engine Optimization Can Do for Your Site

Creating good SEO content with relevant keywords is the easiest way to drive free traffic to your website, but the question is by how much? To answer that, let’s consider what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is. It’s simply a strategy that you or your SEO team develops to optimize the chances that a search engine […]