Writing for Mobile Apps

We talk about simplicity a lot when it comes to content. Simple words. Simple formats. Simple sentences. Nowhere is simplicity and concision more necessary than when writing for mobile apps. What makes mobile different If you’ve ever found yourself reading your mobile news app on a bus or an elevator—or anywhere in the wide world […]

Writing for the Internet: Keep It Simple Stupid

In this brief missive, the challenges and benefits of simplifying language in Internet composition will be explored. STOP. If that made your face contort in confusion and your stomach churn, it should have. It’s a ridiculous sentence. It uses the passive voice and a lot of extra words to express one straightforward idea. Any number […]

Why Writing for the Web Demands Simplicity

When writing for the web, your writing must be clear, direct and simple. Here’s why. People don’t read the web. They scan it. In 2008, Harald Weinreich of the University of Hamburg analyzed the habits of 25 web users and their almost 60,000 page views. Jakob Nielsen studied the data set for himself, and found […]

Cheap, Unique Content Writing Too Good to Be True?

Yes. Absolutely. Undoubtedly. Now that more online businesses are realizing that quality content creation can increase sales, site visits and search engine results, content writing services are popping up like so many whack-a-mole heads. A simple search for “content writer,” generates almost 700 million results. While some of these services offer expedient content creation, you […]

The Key to Writing Good Internet Articles

The key to writing good internet articles starts with this: people don’t read the internet. Reading studies have shown that when it comes to the internet, people are scanning, skipping, spending just seconds on a page in a focused hunt for information. Only when you’ve hooked them, will they actually read more than the first […]