9 Free Vector Logos for Real Estate and Brand Identity Tips

Real Gems

Brand Identity Have you ever tried to pick a logo for your company? Many would argue this is a job best left to the marketing department.  However, your logo is the most important element of your brand identity. It is the anchor that glues your multiple digital channels together and helps your users identify you […]

The Content Spectrum: Should You Curate or Create?

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As search engines give less consideration to keywords and more to social media and user context, content continues to dominate conversations about online marketing.  Even the best researched keywords can’t stand up to the effectiveness of well-crafted and useful content. With Google’s release of it’s Algorithm update in 2013, known as Hummingbird, search results will […]

4 simple rules to help you establish a recognizable brand identity

Source: XKCD Starting a new business is a lot of work. No matter the type or size of your business, spending time on establishing your brand identity is crucial. Your brand identity includes, but is not limited to, the colours and logo that you use to represent your business. It may seem simple, but your [...]

Secrets of Successful Brands or Perfect USP

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Branding and the Unique Selling Proposition Successful branding has been researched since 1962, most notably by Rosser Reeves, author of Reality in Advertising, who found that the most successful brands (those that had the highest ROI) used the Unique Selling Proposition (USP).  In Reality in Advertising, Reeves defines USP in three parts: [list type=”icon” style=”simple” […]

An Introduction to Branding

Have you ever been cornered by someone at a party who just doesn’t seem to stop talking? Your eyes search the room for some escape. You look desperately at a spouse or friend to save you. You imagine yourself telling this person to just stop talking.  But you don’t say anything. You wait politely for […]