Couple days ago, I stumbled into this gem of an article “2015 Trends in Business Analysis and Project Management” predicting a few project management trends for 2015. I thought I would throw together a quick summary for those who don’t have time to read whole thing:

• As the Agile bandwagon continues to grow, some organizations, previously reluctant to jump aboard, are running to catch up.

• Leadership will become more distributed and will be increasingly as much about tapping into the leadership of those around us as it is about a single visionary, decision-maker, and communicator.

• Many organizations will innovate through process improvement, and in some cases there is not much difference.

• Organizations who start providing “logical design” outputs as part of building apps and business processes will shrink that gap and create better products faster.

• Organizations will continue to struggle to find balance between the extremes of project chaos and centralized project governance.

• Agile training will be geared toward entire teams rather than individuals. Agile is going to drive organizations to seek more effective ways to generate a change in project practice.

• Any PMs, BAs, and their organizations around the globe recognize that these credentials show knowledge gained and are an example of the initiative and hard work needed to get certified.

• With the increased popularity in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), some from prestigious universities like Harvard and University of Michigan, learning about new topics and acquiring new skills at a low or no cost will appeal to many BAs, PMs and their organizations.

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