Creating good SEO content with relevant keywords is the easiest way to drive free traffic to your website, but the question is by how much? To answer that, let’s consider what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is.

It’s simply a strategy that you or your SEO team develops to optimize the chances that a search engine finds your page when a user enters relevant search terms. The better your content is, in SEO terms, the more search engines will “see” your page, and the more your website will appear in search results.

How much can good SEO content help a webpage gain visibility? What you can expect will greatly depend on your website, your market, and your SEO development team.First, the size of your site. The more pages your website contains, the more search engines have to look at, and the more content they have to index. If the content on those pages is optimized, then you can see increases of 5 to 10 percent per month, with the largest increase typically occurring in the first month. Good SEO teams have been known to deliver more than 100 percent increases in traffic in the first month.

This is just through “organic traffic,” which means someone searched on Google and found your site because of content relevance–something your SEO team thought long and hard about. Typically, after the first month of onsite SEO, results will taper off until you’re seeing just that the 5 to 10 percent growth mentioned before.

But that doesn’t mean that SEO is only good for a month, and then you can forget about it. If you don’t keep it up, you’ll drop back down in search engine results, and soon you’ll find yourself back at the beginning.

One last aspect to consider is your market. If you’re working in a large market, like clothing, you could see traffic increases much faster than a niche market, like wood burning stoves.

Whether you have a small niche site or a large mega site, SEO can help you be “seen” –and stay seen—in a cyber world that’s increasingly competitive and easy to get lost in.