Enerica has developed a website for Lori Mickelson, the number one RE/MAX real estate agent in Rochester, MN, for 2013 (http://www.rochesterproperties.com/). This website, which was a direct result of two months of strategic planning, extensive research, and close collaboration with Lori’s team, seamlessly integrates with FlexMLS, Salesforce, HootSuite, and Mailchimp, and it is powered by the WordPress content management system.

Enerica’s innovative approach to website development focuses on ensuring a company’s digital identity is harmonious with its visuals, social media initiatives, marketing copy, and PowerPoint presentations. This approach is especially effective in the complex and competitive real estate industry. Today, having a website is not enough. Companies have to set themselves apart in order to get ahead. This means using the most innovative tools available, building lasting client relationships, and gaining access to the most current data and the latest industry trends.

Enerica always takes the time to understand the goals and business objectives of its clients. In addition, Enerica’s team has significant expertise regarding the latest tools and technologies, and the company keeps its clients updated and communicates with them in a language that they understand. For example, as part of every project, Enerica’s team conducts a deep environmental analysis that focuses on search engine optimization (SEO), the competition, best industry practices, and a heuristic methodology. Its team then converts the resulting data into a comprehensive digital strategy and works with the client until the client firmly understands all aspects of it.

Many business owners make huge investments in their businesses without having business plans. Unfortunately, a business without a clear written strategy will most likely fail. It gets more complicated when a business has a good strategy that’s not aligned with its digital presence. When this happens, the owner of the business needs the help of a digital marketing expert.

The term “digital marketing” is defined as the promoting of brands or products and services using multiple forms of digital advertising, including a brand’s website, email, SEO, social media, mobile devices, blogs, games, apps, and other lead generation tools. In order for any organization to create an effective digital brand presence using these devices, the first step is to create a web strategy.

A digital strategy answers the fundamental questions of who an organization will engage and how it will engage them. In addition, implementing a digital strategy puts a public face on an organization, thereby increasing outreach capabilities and raising an organization’s public profile.

This work might sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Many business owners are so engaged in their daily operations that they don’t see the big picture. Very often, the most obvious problems and solutions can be more easily spotted by an outsider, even without costly research. Fortunately, Enerica’s team scales its work to fit each client’s specific needs and budgetary constraints without ever cutting corners.

Enerica (www.enerica.com) is a digital agency that provides a comprehensive suite of web services to help businesses succeed online. Enerica saves its clients the frustrating and time- consuming process of coordinating projects with multiple service providers, which allows those clients to focus their energies on building lasting and profitable customer relationships.