We’re investing into developing innovative products that solve everyday business and consumer problems. We develop innovative ideas, design, patent and then market locally and globally. Stay tuned for our product updates:

Products in the pipeline

Child safety product line

We developed and patented a line of innovative, affordable, durable and easy-to-install home childproofing and safety products: an electric outlet cover and a cabinet lock. We need your support to bring these products to the market to make parents’ lives easier and children safer. Help support our campaign on Kickstarter!




Parsleyfier – simple, organic solution to bad breath

For thousands of years, parsley has been known and used for its anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-mutagenic properties. Mainly, it can suppress digestive tract bad bacteria growth for extended periods of time. It tastes great. It is natural and healthy. Learn more about Parsleyfier






CuppyCuppy: keeps your electric toothbrush clean

Cuppy is a plastic cup that fits on the base of your electric toothbrush charger, where it collects water and calcium to prevent gunky buildup. It comes in a standard version or in any one of a number of thematic or artistic designs. Brighten up your bathroom while you’re cleaning your teeth! It’s discardable and biodegradable, so no mess, no cleaning and no harm to the environment.  Learn more about the Cuppy project