An Introduction to Branding

Have you ever been cornered by someone at a party who just doesn’t seem to stop talking? Your eyes search the room for some escape. You look desperately at a spouse or friend to save you. You imagine yourself telling this person to just stop talking.  But you don’t say anything. You wait politely for […]

Have you got the “gift of gab”? Why not cash in on it? Make at least $100 per referral

Computer screen and bills and coins behind it

Make $100 or more for each successful project you refer to us. This is how it works: [list type=”decimal” style=”simple” icon=”check”] You mention us to your friendly neighbourhood grocer, mechanic or any business owner for that matter. They follow through with a project. You get paid! [/list] We provide a comprehensive suite of web based […]

Hospitals Finding New Ways to Use Social Media in Marketing

We’re becoming accustomed to social media campaigns. Clothing stores posting pictures of their newest, chicest clothing; promoting sales and events on Facebook and Twitter; offering digital coupons and contests online. But promotions and contests are calls to action. But this isn’t the only way to employ social media in a marketing plan. Hospitals, in particular, […]

Styling Your Content: Do Style Guides Matter?

So you’re going to a party. You’re digging around in your closet, a flurry of clothes tossed aside in a hurricane of rejection. You want to look just right—that perfect balance between looking great and not trying to hard. And you wish, just for a moment, that a magical guide appeared in your closet that […]

Internet Usage Trends: Who’s Online and What Are They Doing?

Don’t you love Pew Research Center? If you don’t and you’re an Internet geek, or really anyone who has a website, you should learn to love it. Pew Research tracks Internet trends—who’s online, what they’re doing—collecting tons of data that’s extremely useful to anyone who owns a website and needs to think about marketing strategy. […]

Case Study: Building a Website for J&A Properties

Our friend Justin is like a lot of small business owners. His business, a small property rental company operating in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, was doing fine on word of mouth. He had no problems renting out his properties using Craigslist and rarely had vacancies. Why would he need a website? Perhaps, more importantly, […]

Writing for Mobile Apps

We talk about simplicity a lot when it comes to content. Simple words. Simple formats. Simple sentences. Nowhere is simplicity and concision more necessary than when writing for mobile apps. What makes mobile different If you’ve ever found yourself reading your mobile news app on a bus or an elevator—or anywhere in the wide world […]

Writing for the Internet: Keep It Simple Stupid

In this brief missive, the challenges and benefits of simplifying language in Internet composition will be explored. STOP. If that made your face contort in confusion and your stomach churn, it should have. It’s a ridiculous sentence. It uses the passive voice and a lot of extra words to express one straightforward idea. Any number […]

Salesforce for Business—Some Popular Apps to Consider

Jumping into a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform like Salesforce can feel a little bit like shopping for groceries in a foreign country where you don’t understand anything written on the label. AppExchange is Salesforce’s all purpose grocery, and it offers more than 700 ingredients for your perfect CRM. But what to choose? Just as […]

WordPress vs. Drupal: The Down and Dirty Difference

WordPress and Drupal are two of the more popular Content Management Systems (CMS) available to build websites with. Both have strengths and weaknesses and many wonder which is best. Let’s get the quick and dirty answer out of the way first—there is no best. Just like buying anything—from a pair of pants to a new […]