Make $100 or more for each successful project you refer to us. This is how it works:

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  1. You mention us to your friendly neighbourhood grocer, mechanic or any business owner for that matter.
  2. They follow through with a project.
  3. You get paid!


We provide a comprehensive suite of web based services (web and graphic design, marketing, social media, research, content) to save business owners the frustrating and time consuming process of coordinating projects with multiple service providers. This allows them to focus their energy where it belongs – pursuing their core business and building lasting customer relationships.

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Join our Affiliate & Referral program and earn 10% of each project that is:

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You will earn a referral when a client comes through your link and completes a project with us. You can use your blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media account to send clients to us by using your custom link. You can find this link when you login into your affiliate account.

You can also refer new clients to us by word-of-mouth, but in that case we should be able to verify the referral with the client.

In order to receive the payment, you must be registered as an affiliate on our website.

You will receive your payment within 30 days of the project completion. To receive the payment you must have an active Paypal account. You will be responsible for all fees charged by PayPal for money transfers.