Yes. Absolutely. Undoubtedly. Now that more online businesses are realizing that quality content creation can increase sales, site visits and search engine results, content writing services are popping up like so many whack-a-mole heads. A simple search for “content writer,” generates almost 700 million results. While some of these services offer expedient content creation, you can be guaranteed that cheaper services equate to low-grade content.

The Business of Cheap Content

Content mills, as they’re commonly called, specialize in producing content cheaply. They were built upon the principles of stuffing sites with low-grade content and advertising in the hopes that link and keyword stuffing will yield higher search engine rankings. And higher rankings means increased sales, right? Not for long.

As Google continues to update its algorithms to penalize these “junk sites,” this kind of inexpensive, low-quality service will be forced to adapt or die. If you use one, your website will be in the same boat.

A Flawed Business Model

There’s not a lot of money in this kind of business model. In fact, it’s a vicious cycle. Poorly written content that’s more focused on SEO than quality doesn’t produce enough revenue. If it did, Demand Studios (one of the largest content mills) wouldn’t be staring down the abyss of their plummeting stock. If content mills delivered on big sales for you, they could pay more to their writers; and if they could pay more, they could hire better writers, which would mean higher quality and sustained results. Demand Studios simply doesn’t have the capital to do this.

The Reality of Cheap Content

If a service claims that can give you content for $0.01 a word, you have to wonder what kind of writer is going to write a page for $5. Most of us would equate $5 to 30 minutes or less of work, which means most of these writers are turning out the words, but not worrying too much about readability or SEO (search engine optimization). They’re certainly not spending too much time, if any, on research.

Of course, there’s another scenario—these writers are living in other countries where $5 a page is livable in the local economy. Though many non-native English can be more than competent, it can be an unpredictable working situation. Either way, low rates will often equate to low quality.

 Now that you know about the pitfalls of inexpensive content writing services, learn how to find the right content writer.