Online Advertising Case Study: Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords vs. LinkedIn

I am not a big fan of Pay-Per-Click advertising. I have always believed in solid content and excellent services. But in right situations and if done well, PPC ads can be quite effective – especially on such platforms as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads. I have used Google AdWords since 2009, mostly to attract extra […]

Hands-on Twitter Ads Efficacy Case Study

Experiment Design Hearing about all the hype around the Twitter Ads platform, we decided to give it a test run. We have used Google and Facebook ads in the past with varied results. Twitter could be that right tool to give some social exposure and boost initial social scores, hence providing a snowballing effect… or […]

A Real Estate Website That Works

Rochester Properties Website

Enerica has developed a website for Lori Mickelson, the number one RE/MAX real estate agent in Rochester, MN, for 2013 ( This website, which was a direct result of two months of strategic planning, extensive research, and close collaboration with Lori’s team, seamlessly integrates with FlexMLS, Salesforce, HootSuite, and Mailchimp, and it is powered by […]

Twitter Lists 101

If you want to generate the right type of buzz for your brand on social media, you need to connect with the right people. Besides a well targeted audience, you need to connect with the leaders in your industry or field. Social media makes it east to search for and engage with the thought leaders […]

The Content Spectrum: Should You Curate or Create?

Man drawing on white board

As search engines give less consideration to keywords and more to social media and user context, content continues to dominate conversations about online marketing.  Even the best researched keywords can’t stand up to the effectiveness of well-crafted and useful content. With Google’s release of it’s Algorithm update in 2013, known as Hummingbird, search results will […]

Branding: What Logos Do for Your Brand

Imagine you’re at a party and you spot a woman in a nicely-fitted, black cocktail dress. Every aspect of her presentation is flawless. You imagine she is classy, well-spoken, polite and educated. Imagine your surprise when, after going over to introduce yourself, she smiles, revealing a yellow, stained smile. She raises a glass gracefully to […]

Hospitals Finding New Ways to Use Social Media in Marketing

We’re becoming accustomed to social media campaigns. Clothing stores posting pictures of their newest, chicest clothing; promoting sales and events on Facebook and Twitter; offering digital coupons and contests online. But promotions and contests are calls to action. But this isn’t the only way to employ social media in a marketing plan. Hospitals, in particular, […]

Twitter for Business: Tweeting Basics

Now that you’ve determined that Twitter is right for your business, it’s time to learn some tweeting basics. Before we jump into mastering the 140-character message, we have to lay some groundwork. Determine Your “Twitter for Business” goals. Most businesses think Twitter is merely a tool to reach customers, but it has the potential to […]

Twitter For Business: Setting Up a Twitter Profile

Mastering the 140-character Twitter missive to promote your business is an adjustment in the way you think about writing and advertising and how the two go together. In this two-part Twitter series, we’ll talk about setting up Twitter for business, and then how to Tweet effectively. As is always the case with advertising in any […]

How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Business

Facebook can be an effective way to promote your business, if you know how to use it. The first thing to understand is the changing Facebook landscape. Facebook’s new privacy settings allow users to restrict feeds from those on their friends list. For an average Facebook user, a post only gets to 12 percent of […]