Building a Projectized Organization

Google Analytics for Business

The world is rapidly moving towards projectization, and more and more organizations in the private sector are becoming fully projectized.  They are breaking with functionalism, overcoming the matrix compromise, and embracing the idea that the world moves too fast for functional organizations. Everything has become a project, encapsulating human and organization potential, establishing clear lines […]

Hands-on Twitter Ads Efficacy Case Study

Experiment Design Hearing about all the hype around the Twitter Ads platform, we decided to give it a test run. We have used Google and Facebook ads in the past with varied results. Twitter could be that right tool to give some social exposure and boost initial social scores, hence providing a snowballing effect… or […]

A Real Estate Website That Works

Rochester Properties Website

Enerica has developed a website for Lori Mickelson, the number one RE/MAX real estate agent in Rochester, MN, for 2013 ( This website, which was a direct result of two months of strategic planning, extensive research, and close collaboration with Lori’s team, seamlessly integrates with FlexMLS, Salesforce, HootSuite, and Mailchimp, and it is powered by […]

9 Simple Tips to Make Your Web Content Stand Out

It is not a secret that content marketing is becoming a strategy that must be included into your web marketing arsenal. Writing for the web is very different from all other mediums. We keep a close eye on the trends, techniques and methods of writing for the web. Here is our inside scoop on how […]

The Content Spectrum: Should You Curate or Create?

Man drawing on white board

As search engines give less consideration to keywords and more to social media and user context, content continues to dominate conversations about online marketing.  Even the best researched keywords can’t stand up to the effectiveness of well-crafted and useful content. With Google’s release of it’s Algorithm update in 2013, known as Hummingbird, search results will […]

What is a business without a digital strategy?

Man drawing on white board

It’s like a road-trip without a map or GPS. You drive for days on end. Your gas and lodging bills are piling up. Cheap accommodations, bad coffee and lack of sleep are getting to you. All this just to find out that you have been driving in the completely wrong direction and now have to […]

Case for Healthcare Digital Marketing

Chart demonstrating investement in marketing

Digital Marketing Defined Digital Marketing is defined as promoting of brands or products and services using multiple forms of digital advertising, like a brand’s website, email, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, mobile devices, blogs, games, apps and other lead generation tools. In order for any organization to create an effective digital brand presence using […]

Branding: What Logos Do for Your Brand

Imagine you’re at a party and you spot a woman in a nicely-fitted, black cocktail dress. Every aspect of her presentation is flawless. You imagine she is classy, well-spoken, polite and educated. Imagine your surprise when, after going over to introduce yourself, she smiles, revealing a yellow, stained smile. She raises a glass gracefully to […]

Internet Usage Trends: Who’s Online and What Are They Doing?

Don’t you love Pew Research Center? If you don’t and you’re an Internet geek, or really anyone who has a website, you should learn to love it. Pew Research tracks Internet trends—who’s online, what they’re doing—collecting tons of data that’s extremely useful to anyone who owns a website and needs to think about marketing strategy. […]

Case Study: Building a Website for J&A Properties

Our friend Justin is like a lot of small business owners. His business, a small property rental company operating in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, was doing fine on word of mouth. He had no problems renting out his properties using Craigslist and rarely had vacancies. Why would he need a website? Perhaps, more importantly, […]