Hi, it’s Albert from Enerica and welcome to another edition of Turning Gears where we help you to crunch through complex problems. Today I want to talk about why your business might need a Facebook page. It’s repeated so often it lands as sound, sage advice:

Facebook is a great and cost-effective way to promote your business.

It certainly can be. But then, there’s no guarantee that a Facebook page will help your business at all. Should your business be on Facebook? Here are some things to consider.

So, what’s your demographic?

Just as Harley Davidson wouldn’t run an ad for its newest rig in the Cosmopolitan, a business whose market consists of non-Facebook users shouldn’t worry about spending too much time on a Facebook page. Why? It’s because of who uses Facebook.

So, who uses Facebook?

The good folks at Pew Research updated their annual report on who uses social media. Here are some key findings:

Most internet users use Facebook (67%).

More women use Facebook than men.

Most Facebook users are age 18-29.

And so on.

So, the long story short. If your business appeals to young, educated women, you’ve got a good shot on Facebook. It might be a great place to sell mascara, but not such a great market for Harley Bikes.

Can’t you buy advertising on Facebook?

Oh yes, you can. This has mixed results though. According to Elan Dekel, a contributor to Forbes magazine, Facebook essentially charges you twice—once to promote your page and generate likes, and a second time to promote your message updates (presumably to the same people you already paid advertising dollars for in your like campaign).

Dekel’s 20 paid promotional campaigns on Facebook yielded dismal returns. “The effective cost per user action is over $2,” Dekel wrote, “and on some campaigns it can even reach $6 or $12.”

This certainly isn’t realistic for a small business.

Alright everyone, I hope you enjoyed this and we will see you in the next edition.

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