We specialize in digital marketing, research and brand identity

The term “digital marketing” is defined as the promoting of brands or products and services using multiple forms of digital advertising, like a brand’s website, email, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, mobile devices, blogs, games, apps and other lead generation tools.

In order for any organization to create an effective digital brand presence using these outlets, the first step is to create a digital strategy.

A digital strategy answers the fundamental questions of who an organization will engage and how it will engage them. Implementing a digital strategy puts a public face on an organization, thereby increasing outreach capabilities and raising an organization’s public profile.

We give you control

All the websites we build employ a content management system (CMS)—either WordPress or Drupal depending on your website’s scale and complexity. This gives you full control of your content. Using a CMS doesn’t require advanced technical skills. In fact, it’s as easy to use as a Word document. This means that you will not have to hire a webmaster every time you need to change a few words on your website. This also means significant long-term savings. If you have no time to write your content, we have excellent writers to help you.

Users first

We put your users’ needs first, and we know how to make your web and social media assets task-oriented, accessible, and relevant to your audiences.

Blazing website speed and free hosting

We use fast, reliable, secure servers, and we will host your site for free for the first year (if we build it for you). After that, we charge $50/year. This includes routine monthly WordPress and plugin updates, weekly backups, security checks and more. We employ CloudFlare and MaxCDN content delivery networks (CDN) for our websites. Our websites are faster that 80% of the websites in North America. We employ various other tools to optimize images, databases and code. Website speed is important for users and search engine rankings.

How we manage projects

We manage projects based on Agile and PMI methodologies, depending on the requirements. Our key strengths are strategic and critical thinking, client communications, planning, quality assurance, and integration. We can help you develop a project plan, a project charter, a management plan, a work breakdown structure, risk matrices, schedules, budgets and more. We also employ the Agile (Scrum and Six Sigma) project management principles. We choose individuals and interactions over processes, but we never cut corners.